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3 Core Principles

Retirement Income Strategies

Our 3 Core Principles

Green Line Financial believes that successful retirement income strategies involve employing three main principles:

Safety First

Aim For a Reasonable Rate of Return**

Keep it Simple

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Our First Principle:

Safety First

Your retirement income needs to last you the rest of your life, and the most important part of that is keeping it safe. During your working years, you may have been more comfortable with risk. But as retirement draws closer, your savings will soon be the only source of income you have. For this reason, you should find a place where it’s guaranteed* protected, even in the event of a stock market downturn. Protecting your principal is our top priority. We can show you “safe money” options where your principal is guaranteed* safe.

Our Second Principle:

Reasonable Rate of Return**

In addition to¬†protecting your money, earning a reasonable rate of return** is also a crucial part of making sure you don’t run out of money in retirement. You don’t want to end up having to go back to work after having already retired just to support yourself. Thankfully, there are ways to earn reasonable rates of return** on your money based on the growth of a stock market index, but also guarantee* safety, unlike simply investing in the market. For example, fixed indexed annuities, or FIAs. An FIA is a product, not an investment. But, it comes with the benefit of reasonable rates of return** over time.
Our Third Principle:

Keeping It Simple

Your retirement income strategy shouldn’t be too complicated. You should be able to retire with confidence and ease of mind, and a retirement strategy that you don’t fully understand or that has you constantly worrying is obviously detrimental to that. Thankfully, we’re here to help you understand your options and search for more opportunities to simplify your strategy.

And, thankfully, you don't have to choose between the three values we've listed.

It’s possible to achieve safety, a reasonable rate of return,** and simplicity, all with one strategy. If you want to learn more about how, reach out to us today. Register to attend an educational seminar event, or schedule a one-on-one meeting with us to discuss your situation and your goals.

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